Time for something really different!

This summer has been a summer for relaxing exploration with my brush. I have pushed myself in many new directions, opening new opportunities for myself, my painting friends and our studio business. The greatest joy though has been discovering so many other styles and techniques of painting.

The painting above reflects just one new way of looking at a painting. For many years I would basecoat, shadow and highlight. I would slowly add interest to the painting as I added more color. One alla prima technique that I will be introducing in a new book soon does the opposite. It really works for me, and it is the most fun I have ever had as an artist.  You begin by “splashing” some palette colors on the surface. Then through a process of warm and cool color application, you refine the areas into the subjects of your painting. Amazing technique. One Heritage team member I showed this to last week said… “you just killed all your decorative painting students, it is so unlike anything we have seen. How you going to teach this ?” But, do it once and you are hooked on the technique like I am. So much fun to splash color around and be creative.

As an artist, I like to try new things. Not craft things, solid artistic challenges. I love techniques that make me frustrated because with that frustration comes learning. If I can do it easily, I am not learning. So, I push into wildlife, impressionism and many other subjects. This new direction has revitalized my brush in ways I wish I could describe. I am painting faster and better than I have at any time in my life. I am excited every day to get up and head to the studio to try these new things. I am dragging a few close friends along with me and it is nice to see them expanding their markets, receiving commissions for new work and finding new students. Growth is needed and art is the key.   If you are not making time to paint, maybe you need to mix up the techniques a little. Splash some color around and build some new looks. Painting gives so much joy. Time to revitalize our love of painting with some fun new techniques!

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