It is only a bit of paint

When I first started painting years ago, I was so afraid of making a mistake. I carefully tried to copy each color my teacher showed me. Now, years later, I realize that I could have relaxed a bit and I probably wouldn’t have become prematurely grey if I had done just that.

It is only a bit of paint. When casually painting and exploring your painting technique, you need to say that to yourself several times. In the photo above, I am exploring the composition. As I begin the bottom accent flowers, I have no idea what tone they should be. So I start out in photo one with a soft grey color. In photo two I add some lights and realize that I have over stated the highlights which take away from the power of the center blossoms. It is only a bit of paint…. I removed and restated the lower accent blossoms in the third photo with some softer yellows. This carries the colors down.

There is a difference between making mistakes and exploring the composition. To make beautiful paintings, an artist needs to try several things. Put on a bit of paint and see what it looks like. If it doesn’t work, take it off, or push it back down and state another tone. I do this all the time. It makes painting more relaxed, and your painting more casual. If nothing else works, then restate the area with your original background color….. in all things, keep it fun!

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