Telemark Inspiration- Lost Edges and Color Movement

While writing the new Telemark Inspiration book the other day I thought it would be great to share just a few thoughts with those that might want to try something new.  With this lesson from the book I talk about painting lost edges…. really lost edges.. 🙂  You can see in the photo on the right and bottom below the rose.  This gives new looks, which is important for the growth and popularity of any style of painting.   While I was writing however, I also discuss just how important it is for color movement.  Don’t forget that, especially in Rosemaling inspired designs.  With Rosemaling, the power of the movement comes from the beautiful scrolls.  That must always be respected in the design.  When I painted these roses right in the middle, I disrupt that movement which adds some form contrast, but can also create trouble for the design if you do not use color movement.   How do I assist the scrolls?  I take the reds (color of contrast) from the roses and move it softly through the scrolls.  This simple little thing, increases the movement of the scrolls once again and also causes the viewers eye to travel through the color of the roses. WIthout the red orange strokes on the scrolls, the design would be heavy in the center with the color contrast.

Color movement is important.  Seeing and trying new things are so much fun.  We make some mistakes along the way, but with a few rules to help guide us like lost edges and color movement, we can create new and interesting looks and inspire more people to paint and enjoy these beautiful styles.  If you are interested in learning some other techniques and rules, look to our new books coming in a few weeks.  I hope you decide to give them a try.  Here is a link,  (of course 🙂 )

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  1. Yes, beautiful scrolls are most important for Rosemaling because movement! I understand how to the color to make good flow of scrolls. Thank you so much, great teacher!

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