Center of Interest

I really enjoy painting birds in different environments. The key to making a successful painting is to establish a center of interest that revolves around the bird. Even a grey bird like the one above can have interest. Varying the colors from the warmer yellow green greys to the cooler blue greys will give him more interest. The most important aspect though is the use of stroke and textures. I will use many small textured strokes of various tones around the eye and beak and then soften them as I move down the body of the bird. This will pull the viewers eye to the face and then down the body.

Lost edges are soft edges and are so very important in creating the mood of the painting. As you develop your style and look to your paintings always remember that lost edges create the mood. Notice in the photo above how the face and head of the bird “jump” off the background. This is because those areas are well defined. Outer areas and colors are lost. This helps define the story of my painting making the head of the bird the subject. Find a subject, then make a story around that subject. Create your art!

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