Scraping Your Painting for Easier Painting.

Many times I paint alla prima and breeze right through a painting. For this commissioned painting I will be putting a little more depth and interest and time into it. There is something fun about really getting into a painting that will be the center place display in someone’s home. So I take that extra few steps the satisfy the customer.

The painting above is about 20% completed. It has its initial tones and movement establish but there is so much more to paint. I have the first 2 focal area white tail deer blocked in, the initial movement to the stream and mountains have been established.

I let the painting dry overnight, then I will scrap off the textures. This is a very old technique I first used in dutch paintings many years ago. It make a super flat surface for me to do the detailed work in the next layers. I love texture and this painting will have lots of it when I am finished. Having texture now, at the block in step is not a good idea because it interferes with later layers of the painting. So, let is dry and scrap off the texture. The surface after scrapping feels amazing. I will be able to refine the areas without any trouble.

Think about adding this technique to your painting. It is amazing, especially if working in layers. Have great painting day.

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