A 2 Minute Cloud… Fun and FAST

1 Bush- white color, 2 minute cloud. Fun!

Painting is fun.  No doubt about it.  As an artist, I live in 2 worlds.  I have students and friends who do not have much time to paint, so I try to find fun, fast and easy ways to paint beautiful landscapes, wildlife, florals etc.  My other world is the dedicated artist.  Always looking to improve myself and my techniques and I drag a few people along with that journey.  I love both worlds and my friends who live in both.

Simple Morning Color Setup

Yesterday we released a fun little video on simple painting techniques.   How to paint a two minute cloud.  The video shows several techniques for more detailed clouds but there is something about 1 brush and understanding the movement that is so fun to paint.  Once you understand, you can paint fun clouds very quickly in all sorts of paintings.  Did I say they are fun to paint?  You can go over to our YouTube page ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0crvpK8Png)  and watch a free 12 minute lesson on understanding the cloud, paint thickness etc so you can paint that little cloud in 2 minutes.

Adding an embedded shadow in a cloud. FUN!

For my detailed painters there is more… lots more.  I will be showing some very detailed evening skies etc in seascapes and landscapes.  Such fun!  Once you understand the structure of a cloud, they are easy to paint.  You can add a variety of beautiful shadows and through light.  For those that want to take them further you can layer and glaze, but there is something so fun about a simple alla prima cloud that makes you feel like an artist.  Structure is important and I show that in the DVD, but go watch the YouTube and see how fast your can paint a simple little white cloud.  🙂

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